• Pavilion/ Gazebo: 4 hour rental $150.00
  • All day rental (5 hours +) $350.00
  • Field: Each hour $40.00
  • All day rental (5 hours +) $300.00
Deposit: minimum $100.00 or half of rental ( will be refunded as long as there is no damage to facility, and all garbage is removed from premises).

Rental Requirements

1. All buildings, fields and/ or grounds must be reserved through Town Hall.
2. The buildings, fields and/ or grounds are subject to preferential use for Town programs/ events and public entities that have approved agreements with the Town of Madisonville.
3. The Town requires at least 10 days' notice on all rental requests.
4. All organizations must provide proof of liability insurance of not less than $1,000,000.00 for the rental date, naming the Town of Madisonville as the certificate holder no less than ten days prior to rental.
5. The renter shall indemnify and hold the Town harmless from any and all claims, actions, losses and damages to person or property (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and expenses) suffered as a consequence of or arising or resulting, directly or indirectly, from any act or omission of the renter on or about the premises. In the event that any claim, action, loss, damage or cost is brought against the Town, the renter, after being notified that such lawsuit has been started, shall defend such lawsuit at no expense to the Town: and if, in such lawsuit, a final judgment is rendered against either the Town or the renter jointly, the renter shall promptly satisfy such judgment.
6. No soliciting allowed without prior permission from the Town.
7. No event shall be booked or finalized until all agreements are signed, insurance proof is turned in and applicable deposits and fees are paid in full. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Town of Madisonville.
8. Rental fees are refundable if event is cancelled no less than 30 days prior to rental date.


1. All postings, floor or field markings must be approved by the town.
2. No event marketing is allowed until rental request has been granted. Advertising for the event may be done within one week in advance with Town approval.
3. Rental time includes set- up for event and general clean up. General clean up includes removal of all decorations, bagging up and removal of all trash and leaving the buildings, fields and/ or grounds as found to the satisfaction of and in sole judgement of the Town employee on duty. The Town will notify the organization if a clean up fee is assessed.
4. If any alcohol will be served, a Police detail shall be necessary and shall be booked at the time of application. Failure to comply with the forgoing may result in the issuance of a citation.


1. The Town may require the organization/ applicant to provide at their own expense, adequate security on site during rental.
2. All political events must be approved by the Town of Madisonville prior to reserving.
3. No obscene behavior or profane language will be tolerated on Town property.
4. No smoking is allowed on Town property except in designated areas pursuant to Louisiana state law R.S. 40.1300.256.
5. All illegal behaviors are strictly prohibited on Town property.
6. Littering and dumping trash is strictly prohibited.
7. No pets are allowed in the buildings and/ or on the fields and/or grounds except for official service animals and must be on a leash always.
8. Proper attire and footwear is mandatory. Shirts must be worn always.
9. All exits from the buildings and fields must remain free from obstruction.
10. No firearms, fires, fireworks, flammable liquids, open burning or use of any device with an open flame such as candles, sterno, etc allowed in the buildings and/or on the fields/grounds. All electrical devices used must be "UL" approved bearing such label and be in good operating condition. Heating devices with open electrical coils are not permitted. All decorations must meet the state fire laws and approval of the fire marshall.
11. No ATV's, dirt bikes or other motorized vehicles are allowed off- road in the buildings and/ or on the fields, grounds and/ or walking trails.
12. No unauthorized vehicles allowed inside fenced areas.
13. Organization/ applicant agrees that there shall be no discrimination upon the basis of race, creed, handicap or national origin in the program.


1. The Town will exercise the authority to cancel an event due to weather or other factors affecting use of buildings, the fields and/ or grounds.