Posted: December 12, 2018

Tuesday December 4, 2018 Planning & Zoning Meeting Minutes


Town of Madisonville

Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

403 St. Francis St.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

7:00 p.m.

Call to Order-  Myron Bourg

Roll Call- Town Clerk Alicia Watts- everyone present but Roland Morris

Approval of September 10, 2018 Minutes- Motion made by Ms. Stafford, seconded by Ms. Mendow

Item 1-

Erin Poole, 409 Main St., requests approval to subdivide Sawmill Docks to allow for a restaurant.

Bret Freret stood for Ms. Poole to request that a portion of the Marina be subdivided and rezoned as commercial to allow for an approximately 3000sf open air style restaurant. The tenant, Elizabeth Erin Dock, would lease the restaurant, which would be 80' from the river and accommodate a maximum of 90 people. The property has sufficient parking and has offered some of the parking as overflow for nearby businesses. Mr. Bourg suggested rezoning to neighborhood commercial, as to fit in with surroundings.  Motion to allow Ms. Poole to pursue the next step in the process of subdividing and rezoning made by Ms. Stafford, seconded by Mr. Lange, all present in favor.

Item 2-

Greg Lala and Steven Guidry from Dixie RV- Friends

Mr. Lala stood to request a parking variance. Mr. Lala stated the third floor would be office space Monday through Friday, the second floor a high end steak house Wednesday through Sunday, and the bottom floor would offer a food truck on weekends only.  He explained that there would be a maximum of 12 people on the top floor during office hours, and because of those employees, the parking would be short while the office was open. A motion was made to approve a parking variance based on restricted use to solely operate the third floor as office space and to be terminated if office use stops by Ms. Stafford, seconded by Ms. Mendow, approved by all present.

Item 3-

Erin Schaumberg- requests approval  of plans for Eros, 405 Covington St.

Gillian McGee stood for Ms. Schaumberg to show the building plans for Eros, 405 Covington St.  The motion to approve was made by Ms. Stafford, seconded by Ms. Mendow, and approved by all present.

Adjourn- Motion made by Ms. Stafford, seconded by Ms. Mendow, approved by all present.