Posted: November 16, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Regular Town Council Meeting Minutes


Town of Madisonville

403 St Francis St.

Regular Town Council Meeting

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

7:00 p.m.

Call To Order- Mayor Jean Pelloat

Roll Call- Alicia Watts- All present

Invocation- Councilman Doran

Pledge- Councilman Haddox

  • September 26, 2018 Public Committee Meeting Minutes- Approved
  • October 10, 2018 Regular Town Council Minutes- Approved
  • October 24, 2018 Public Committee Meeting- Approved
  • August 2018 Financial Statements- Approved
  • September 2018 Financial Statements- Approved

Public Committee Period

  • Laura Haddox spoke for the Maritime Museum to give a rough account of The Wooden Boat Festival's profit, $34,587.00.  A final correct amount will be finalized and announced in January 2019. Mrs. Haddox  reported that the lighthouse had received a new window and was still waiting for security to be installed. Also, there are  new exhibits at the museum.
  • Amanda Vorhoff from the Youth Advisory Council spoke for Keeping Madisonville Beautiful about the upcoming Merry Madisonville.

Old Business

  • SBA - Cell Tower Agreement- Town Attorney Bruce Danner explains the options open to the town. Danner suggests accepting SBA's offer to create a perpetual easement. Discussion . Motion made by Councilman  Hitzman for Danner  to pursue final contract with SBA . Councilman Haddox seconded, motion passed with all in favor.
  • Review Town Ordinances- Councilman Haddox states that after reviewing Municode's first draft of the ordinances, he is happy with the current ordinances. He suggests changing the neighborhood commercial  size restriction back to 5000sf, and to remove the current structure's ability to add on up to a total of 7000sf.
  • Friends- Greg Lala and Steven Guidry from Dixie RV came to request variance for conditional use of 3rd floor of Friends to have his corporate office Monday - Friday 7am-5pm. He plans to rent the 2nd floor as a high end steak house to be used for lunch and dinner,  with the bottom floor as a family friendly area with food trucks to be open on weekend days. All councilmen are favorable and Mr. Lala will go in front of Planning and Zoning in December.

New Business

  • Monthly Department Reports

                Engineering- Mr. Joe Harmon gave updates on projects and grant applications. The sewer lift station rehabilitation project is waiting to receive Cooperative Endeavor Agreement from FP&C, the sewer pump station project has been approved, the highway 190 gas main extension bid was accepted and work starts on November 22, 2018.

                Police- Chief Barney Tyrney recounted the past month's events and that everything had gone smoothly. October 2017 tickets written were 27 and October 2018 tickets written were 169. The police department is in the process of hiring another officer and hoping to find one more.

                Maintenance- Public Works Director Kyle Matthews reported 25 new gas customers, that they had replaced the sidewalk on side of Skooters, and there is a bypass being installed to help with the winter gas load, until the system can be upgraded. There has been a 3 way stop requested from DOTD at both Main and Jahncke, and Main(Covington) and Morgan.

                Permits- Building Official Al Courouleau reported 6 new building permits: 1new commercial, 1 new residential, 1 commercial demo, 1 residential garage and 2 residential renovations. 

                Cultural Arts Director- Director Iris Vacante reported that Friends of the Madisonville Cemetery has received their 501c3 status. She stated that the All Saints Day Vigil resulted in over 1000 candles lit, that they had received a check for $3000.00 to pay for a ground penetrating radar, and that they are about to begin phase 1 of the cemetery fence.

                Town Attorney- Town Attorney Bruce Danner summarized the things he had worked on for the previous month to include: the AMS Collection agreement, the SBA cell tower offer, AG opinion on golf carts, Municode, public records requests, the opiod class action suit, town meetings, he worked with Kyle Matthews on paperwork for Madison Harbor subdivision, and communications about Friends.

  • Comments by Council

                Councilman Bouey asked if wood structures had been removed from field, they have.

                Councilman Doran requested Councilmen Bouey and Hitzman to arrange for CPEX to attend December council meeting.

                Councilman Haddox- was notified by citizens of dog attacks, talks about existing animal ordinance. Roosters , animal attacks and nuisance enforcement was discussed.

                Councilman Hitzman received quotes for the tennis court hitting wall, the Mayor asks if there is any opposition, none.

                Councilman Bounds has nothing to report.

  • Mayor's Report- the town applied for an energy efficiency grant to replace all light fixture in the town with LED, get sewer pumps replaced, and town hall HVAC replaced. Mayor Pelloat informs of the Legislative Auditors performing an audit in the office, and that he attended the Smart Growth America Conference and heard talk of other municipalities' master plans.
  • Adjournment- Councilman Bouey motioned, Councilman Hitzman seconded, motion passed with all in favor.