Posted: September 18, 2018

Planning and Zoning Minutes Monday September 10, 2018






Monday, September 10, 2018


Call to Order – Chairman Roland Morris

Roll Call – Town Clerk Wayne C. Morlier

All members present except Ms. Mendow

Approval of August 7, 2018 Minutes

Motion to approve made by Mr. Bourg, seconded by Mrs. Stafford, motion passed with all in favor.

 Item 1

Mr. Drew Brewster, of 105 Morgan St., requested approval to push lot line from 101 Morgan and 300 B Covington St. over for parking, which would require subdividing original lot.

Mr. Brewster presented his plans to subdivide his lot, adding parking spaces on to Covington St. parcel, and making the 105 Morgan St. lot larger. When asked, the mayor was excited about the prospect.

A motion was made by Mr. Bourg to approve the variance with the exception that the lot with the house be no more than 93'. Seconded by Mrs. Stafford. All approved, motion passed.

Item 2

Mr. Mike Danna, 128 Madison Ridge Blvd., requested a fence height variance to raise the height of a privacy fence to 8' on back and two sides, and 6' on front facing portion.

Mr. Danna provided various pictures of his residence, pointing out the slope of the land and height of the house's deck as reasons for requesting variance. He spoke of his plans to make the fence attractive and fitting with the rest of his neighbors. His plans allowed for a 12' gate to access gas line and utilities.

Mr. Bourg motioned to allow variance for 6' front facing fence attached to house and 8' on the sides and back. Mrs. Stafford seconds, motion passed with all in favor.


Motion to adjourn made by Mrs. Stafford, seconded by Mr. Bourg, motion passed with all present in favor.