Posted: September 7, 2018

Minutes - Planning and Zoning Meeting on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Approved Minutes






Call to Order – Chairman Roland Morris

Roll Call – Town Clerk Wayne C. Morlier

All members present.

Approval of July 3, 2018 Minutes

Motion to approve made by Mr. Bourg, seconded by Ms. Mendow, motion passed with all in favor.

Item 1

Dr. F. Joseph Ferrara, DDS, owner of Ferrara Family Dentistry, 301 Covington Street, requests approval to construct a new office on the same property to replace the existing dental office.

Dr. Ferrara presented his plans to build a new office that will handle a maximum of 7 dental chairs with 4 or 5 initially. He stated that he intends to stay within setback, parking and flood plain requirements and would not require any variances per his conversation with the Town’s Building Official, Al Courouleau. His new office will be fit in with Madisonville architecture and will be approximately 3,600 square feet with 17 parking spaces. He expects construction to take 7 months and will start within 8 weeks.  His new building will be constructed behind his existing office.  Once his new office is completed, his existing office will be demolished and the 17 parking spaces will then be constructed.

Ms. Mendow made a motion to approve Dr. errara’s new dental office, Mr. Bourg seconded, motion passed with all in favor. 

Item 2

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Matte, owners of the vacant lot on the corner of St. Paul and Pine Streets, requests variances to the front (Pine Street) and side (St. Paul Street) set-backs for their proposed residence.

Mr. Kevin Matte presented his plans for construction of his home and request for setback variances on St. Paul and Pine Streets for the purpose of being in line with his neighbor’s home on Pine Street and to construct a garage off St. Paul Street that will not take up his back yard. Mr. Bourg referred to a September 2, 2014 Commission meeting where the Commission approved 8 foot setback variance on Pine Street and a 5 foot setback variance on St. Paul Street

Motion made by Mr. Bourg to re-approve the Planning and Zoning September 2, 2014 approval of 8 foot setback variance on Pine Street and 2 foot setback variance on St. Paul Street, motion seconded by Ms. Stafford, motion passed with all in favor.

Item 3

John Cerniglia, Friends Coastal Restaurant

There was no discussion on this item as Mr. Cerniglia was not present.


Motion to adjourn made by Mr. Bourg, seconded by Mr. Lange, motion passed with all present in favor.


Wayne C. Morlier, Town Clerk