Posted: August 25, 2018

Minutes - Public Hearing and Regular Town Council Meeting on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Approved Minutes



Wednesday, August 8, 2018




Call to order - Mayor Pelloat

Roll call - Wayne C. Morlier

Rewrite/Replace Ordinance #105 – Chapter 9, Traffic and Criminal Regulations



Call meeting to order - Mayor Pelloat

Roll Call - Wayne C. Morlier – All Councilmen present

Invocation – Councilman Haddox  

Pledge –Councilman Bounds

  • Approval of July 11, 2018 Regular Town Council Minutes

Motion to approve made by Councilman Bouey, seconded by Councilman Haddox, motion passed with all in favor.

  • Approval of July 25, 2018 Public Committee Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve made by Councilman Haddox, seconded by Councilman Bouey, motion passed with all in favor.

  • Approval of June 2018 Financial Statements

Motion to approve made by Councilman Haddox, seconded by Councilman Hitzman, motion passed with all in favor.

  • Public Comment Period:  members of the audience will have three (3) minutes to make a statement or express a concern at the outset of the meeting.  (Anyone having or expressing a concern tonight may or may not get an answer due to the fact that the council is hearing the concern for the first time.  All statements will be considered and everyone will receive an answer in the near future).
    • Mr. Gary Thigpen and Mrs. Tammy Mizell Thigpen, 825 Old Ponchatoula Hwy, addressed the Council regarding being approached by Town Police to cease planting on Town property.  They stated they were embarrassed and that the ordinance referenced as being violated by them was passed on December 9, 1987 and that the Council voted at its January 11, 2017 meeting to not enforce the ordinance. Mayor Pelloat stated he asked Chief Tyrney to ask them to stop planting as the Building Official was out of the office due to a family illness. Mayor Pelloat also stated that he believed that the Council expectation was that no further planting on Town property would take place. All the Council stated they agree that although the removal of existing plants and shrubbery was put on hold until after the Master Plan is passed, no new planting was expected or approved. Mrs. Mizell stated that electric and water line was already in place based on verbal approval by Jewell Chatellier and Mayor Gitz. The Mayor and Council stated they could not comment on that.  
  • Mr. Thomas Mitchell, Hope House Children’s Advocacy Centers

Mr. Mitchell provided a handout to the Mayor and Council. He stated that Hope House is a non-profit organization that serves as an advocate to sexually or physically abused children and stated the organization has provided services presently and in the past to Madisonville residents.  Mr. Mitchell provided additional information on Hope House and asked the Council to consider making a contribution to the organization to assist in funding. He stated that it costs approximately $1,500 to provide services to each child. The Mayor and Council thanked Mr. Mitchell for the important services provided by Hope House.


  • John Cerniglia, Friends Coastal Restaurant

Mr. Cerniglia was not present; therefore there was no discussion.


  • Dr. F. Joseph Ferrara, DDS, 301 Covington Street, construction of new dental office

Dr. Ferrara addressed the Council regarding his plans to construct a new building behind his existing office on the corner of Rampart and Covington Streets. He provided the Council with a set of the draft plans for their review.  Mayor Pelloat stated that he asked Dr. Ferrara to speak with the Council about his plans although he does not need any variances as setbacks, height and parking meet Town requirements.

  • Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Resolution

Mayor Pelloat asked the Public Works Director, Mr. Kyle Matthews, to explain the reason for the resolution. Mr. Matthews stated the resolution is a DEQ requirement that needs to be available upon a DEQ audit of the Town’s water records.  Councilman Bouey made a motion to approve the resolution, Councilman Haddox seconded the motion, the motion passed with all in favor.

  • Rewrite/Replace Ordinance #105 – Chapter 9, Traffic and Criminal Regulations

Mayor Pelloat asked the Town Attorney, Mr. Danner, to explain the revised ordinance. Mr. Danner stated he has been working a while writing the ordinance and asked Municode to review for consistency with what Municode is doing. Mr. Danner stated he thought it better to re-introduce the revised ordinance in the Municode format. Mayor Pelloat asked for a motion to introduce the new ordinance. Councilman Bouey made a motion to introduce the new ordinance, Councilman Hitzman seconded the motion, the motion passed with all in favor.

  • Monthly Department reports:

Engineer – Mr. Joe Harmon handed out a summary list of grants approved and in-process. Mr. Harmon also recommended the Council approve Option 1 regarding repairs to the boat launch. He also recommended a 35% match to put the Town in the best position for approval.  

Police Department – Chief Barney Tyrney reported that the new speed trailer is in use and being strategically moved to high speed areas. He stated that the number of tickets was less than the prior month but that his department will continue to issue tickets to reduce speeding in the Town. He also stated that he met with the School Board and District Attorney regarding juvenile arrests in schools, the new School Crossing Guard has been hired and working, and that the School Resource Officer, Steve Stark, is in place. He also stated he has had nothing but positive experiences with Hope House.

Maintenance – Mr. Kyle Matthews reported 17 new services, new sidewalk on St. John Street from Pine to Main, Old Ponchatoula water tank is being painted, and the tennis court has new wind screens. At this point, Mr. Matthews explained the need for two resolutions to support grants. Councilman Hitzman asked for clarification that the two grants were both $25,000 with zero matching funds. Mr. Matthews responded “yes”. Mayor Pelloat asked for the agenda to be amended to address the two resolutions. Councilman Bouey made a motion to amend the agenda for consideration of the two resolutions, Councilman Bounds seconded the motion, the motion passed with all in favor. Councilman Doran made a motion to approve the LGAP resolution, Councilman Haddox seconded the motion, the motion passed with all in favor. Councilman Bouey made a motion to approve the CWEF resolution, Councilman Doran seconded the motion, the motion passed with all in favor. Mayor Pelloat stated that the Regional Planning Committee (RPC) grant of $45,000 needs to be added to the list of grants and that the RPC grant is for a bicycle and walkability study. In response to a question from Councilman Haddox, Mayor Pelloat stated that RPC will hire the contractor for its grant and that our Master Plan contractor, CPEX, will reach out to the RPC contactor.

Permits Department – The Building Official, Mr. Al Courouleau, was not present to provide a report due to a family illness.

Town Attorney – Mr. Bruce Danner reported that the Baham matter has concluded and that among other items, he has worked on Fire Hydrant, Department of Public Safety, Gas Service agreements, two interagency agreements, Attorney General golf cart issue, Iberia line of credit, Mr. Mahon plant removal, Municode traffic ordinance, Northshore Investment damage to Town property, Opioid litigation, Public Records request, and researching disturbing the peace.

  • Comments by Council

Councilman Hitzman asked that Hope House be added to the August 22, 2018 Public Committee meeting and reminded everyone, including Mr. and Mrs. Thigpen, about the August 29, 2018 Master Plan open meeting for residents from 6pm to 8pm in Council Chambers.

  • Mayor’s report to Council

Mayor Pelloat reported that for Fiscal Year Ending June 2018, the Town had a $685,000 surplus. He stated that some of the reasons for the surplus is $100,000 additional sales tax collected, $70,000 additional license revenue collected, increase in utility rates, savings in maintenance, police, and administration salaries of $200,000, and improved utility system, meter reading, and internet/telephone contracts. He also stated that improvements of $60,000 to maintain water wells and $54,000 for two new vehicles were not able to be completed before year end.  Finally he stated that there will be additional expenses in Fiscal Year 2019 to extend gas services to Hwy 22 and Hwy 1077 subdivisions as well as the purchase of Automated (Electronic) Meter Readers at the cost of $35,000 per 100 readers.

  • Adjournment

Councilman Bouey made a motion to adjourn, Councilman Hitzman seconded the motion, the motion passed with all in favor.


Wayne C. Morlier, Town Clerk