Posted: April 28, 2018

Minutes - Public Hearing and Regular Town Council Meeting April 11, 2018




Wednesday, April 11, 2018




Call to order Mayor Pelloat

Roll call Wayne C. Morlier

All present except Councilman Doran

Mayor Pelloat asked if there were any comments from the audience or Council regarding revisions to the following two ordinances.

Riverfront Commercial Ordinance

1.       Revision of Chapter 10.14.1

( Permitted uses: line #8 - limit to 4 within the district )

Entertainment Ordinance

2.       Revision of Chapter 13, Section13.1-13.5

( a. If the entertainment is located within 500’ of a residential district, then outside , amplified entertainment shall be limited as follows):

Sunday – Thursday ……….. until 8:pm

Friday and Saturday ……… until 10:pm

Mr. Steve Benton, 901 Pine Street, asked who the fourth Riverfront Commercial restaurant would be.  Mayor Pelloat stated Abita Roasting Company once all permits have been approved. Mr. Myron Bourg, 404 St. Tammany Street asked what the penalties would be if the entertainment ordinance regarding amplified music was not being complied with.  The Council and Mayor stated that the penalty would be to shut down the amplified music at the required time.

Motion made to adjourn the Public Hearing by Councilman Bouey, seconded by Councilman Haddox, motion passed with all in favor.



Call meeting to order Mayor Pelloat

Roll Call Wayne C. Morlier

All present except Councilman Doran

Invocation – Councilman Haddox  

Pledge –Councilman Bouey

Approval of March 14, 2018 Regular Town Council Minutes

After recommendation to modify the minutes to reflect that the Maritime Museum expenses exceed revenues by $7,000 per month and not per year, motion made to approve the minutes by Councilman Bouey, seconded by Councilman Hitzman, motion passed with all in favor.

Approval of March 28, 2018 Public Committee Meeting Minutes

Motion made to approve the minutes by Councilman Bouey, seconded by Councilman Haddox, motion passed with all in favor.

Approval of February 2018 Financial Statements

Motion made to approve the financial statements by Councilman Haddox, seconded by Councilman Bounds, motion passed with all in favor.

Public Comment Period:  members of the audience will have three (3) minutes to make a statement or express a concern at the outset of the meeting.  (Anyone having or expressing a concern tonight may or may not get an answer due to the fact that the council is hearing the concern for the first time.  All statements will be considered and everyone will receive an answer in the near future)

Mr. Myron Bourg stated that he researched the size ordinances of 6 or 7 villages and towns, identified that only Sunset, Louisiana had restrictions on size of buildings.  Sunset had a percentage restriction on the building size on a lot with a 35 foot height.  Mr. Bourg also stated that Old Mandeville has restrictions that are beyond size such as plants, aesthetics, etc.

Mayor Pelloat thanked Mr. Bourg for volunteering to perform the research.

Ms. Amy Murphree, 202 Lake Placid Drive, re-introduced herself to the Mayor and Council and stated her qualifications for Justice of the Peace.  She referenced the April 28, 2018 runoff with early voting starting on Saturday, April 14th. 


Consider Class-Action Lawsuit against Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors

Mayor Pelloat asked Mr. Bruce Danner, Town Attorney, to give an update and his thoughts on the retainer agreement received from Mr. Braud of Braud & Gallagher.  Mr. Danner stated the agreement includes a 25% contingency fee, the law firm pays all costs and that it appears acceptable. Councilman Haddox recommended the Council proceed as this affects our community. Councilman Bounds asked Mr. Danner to confirm that there is no cost to the Town and no known negative. Mr. Danner confirmed this. Councilman Haddox made a motion to engage Braud & Gallagher, Councilman Bounds seconded the motion, the motion passed with all in favor.


U.S. Postal Service – Justa L. Smith, Marketing Manager, Louisiana District and Wayne Martin, Operations Program Specialist

Ms. Justa Smith and Mr. Steve Seagrave, Operations Manager for the Madisonville area were present.  Ms. Smith read a letter which stated that the Postal Service continues to evaluate its operations.  She stated that the Madisonville area continues to grow and that beginning May 12th two additional routes, from 9 to 11, would service the area. She then stated that the Madisonville service area has outgrown its existing space but the Madisonville Post Office is not closing; only the mail routes would move to Mandeville. Mr. Hughes of the St. Tammany Farmer asked and received confirmation that all mail routes would start and end in Mandeville.  Window services and P.O. Box would remain in Madisonville. Ms. Smith also stated that the Madisonville Post Office has 5 years remaining on its lease, that Madisonville is one of the three largest growth areas in Louisiana, and is a revenue generating office. Mr. Myron Bourg asked if the Postal Service is looking at for a new location. Ms. Smith stated that this will be done at the Headquarters level. Mayor Pelloat state he would ask for any new location to be within the town limits.  There was further discussion ending with Mayor Pelloat asking Ms. Smith to stay in touch. The Council thanked Ms. Smith for coming.

·Riverfront Commercial Ordinance

3.       Revision of Chapter 10.14.1

( Permitted uses: line #8 - limit to 4 within the district )

Mayor Pelloat asked if there were any comments regarding the ordinance change. Ms. Bonnie Dennis, 161 Riverlane, asked how the parking issue would be solved by adding a restaurant. Mayor Pelloat stated that Abita Roasting Company made the request, that it has the most on-site parking of any restaurants, and that its parking meets the Town ordinance. Ms. Dennis then recommended that the Town look at a more holistic approach as once Friends opens, parking would be an issue. Councilman Haddox stated Friends would have 82 to 85 parking spaces before opening.

At this time, Councilman Doran arrived.

Councilman Hitzman made a motion to accept the revised ordinance, Councilman Haddox seconded, motion passed with all in favor.

.Entertainment Ordinance

4.       Revision of Chapter 13, Section 13.1-13.5

( a. If the entertainment is located within 500’ of a residential district, then outside , amplified entertainment shall be limited as follows):

Sunday – Thursday ……….. until 8:pm

Friday and Saturday ……… until 10:pm

There were no comments regarding the revised Entertainment Ordinance. Councilman Haddox made a motion to accept the revised ordinance, Councilman Bounds seconded, motion passed with all in favor.

.2019 Budget Introduction

Mayor Pelloat presented the proposed 2019 Budget stating it is a zero balance budget and that it was updated from the prior Public Committee Meeting to include a State Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant and that it accounts for a good gas revenue year. Mayor Pelloat then read a list of projects included in the budget, including $30,000 (50% of the total) for the Master Plan if decided by the Council. Councilman Haddox agreed with it being in the budget as the decision on what firm could come at a later date. He referenced the May 2018 Public Hearing and vote to approve the budget. Councilman Hitzman asked if the LWCF grant could include in-kind work by the Town workers.  Mayor Pelloat stated the workforce is being stretched and that it may take both to complete the project. Councilman Doran requested separate line items for the Village of Bocage water/sewer revenue and expenses.

·Monthly Department reports:

Engineer – Mr. Joe Harmon reported that we should hear about the recreation trail grant by June and that the grant requires a 20% in-kind match. Next, Mr. Harmon stated the Pine Street ballpark parking project retainage of $14,569.49 is due as the punch list is complete and the lien has been filed. Councilman Bounds made a motion to issue the retainage fee, seconded by Councilman Haddox, motion passed with all in  

Police Department – Chief Tyrney reported that traffic has been a tremendous problem with 22 citations between March 17th and 22nd, and 165 the rest of March and beginning of April. He then stated that citations have been issued for 25 plus over the speed limit and that a tremendous number of warnings were issued trying to get the public’s attention. He also stated that the majority of accidents occur at the corner of Hwy 22 and Pine Street. He stated that police cars are being maintained, improving paperwork and documentation, and revising some forms. Only one complaint regarding tickets was a parking ticket.

Councilman Doran complimented Chief Tyrney and the department in looking professional in their uniforms, washing the police vehicles, and removing the tinted windows. He continued by saying he has received some calls asking if we want the reputation of a “ticket town”. Chief Tyrney responded that many of the tickets are for excessive speeding including by Hwy 22 and Morgan.

Councilman Haddox stated he had one complaint about blocking the intersections at Pine and Hwy 22 as well as Main and Hwy 22. Councilman Doran stated that some drivers automatically run the light Main and the 4 way light without stopping.  Mr. Rufus Tingle suggested asking the highway department post solar caution lights alerting drivers of the decrease of the speed limit from 55 to 45. Mayor Pelloat responded that the Town can ask this of the LA DOTD.

At this time, Chief Tyrney recognized Sgt. Ryan Mahne as the 2018 Rotary Club recipient from Madisonville and stated that he relies on Sgt. Mahne.

Maintenance – Public Works Director Kyle Matthews reported 25 new gas customers, finished Spring Haven main extension, completed Madison Ridge and waiting on agreement with developer, new sidewalks on Morgan Street, painted Town Park pavilion, submission of capital outlay grant, and $3,000 receipt from Madisonville Jr. High. Councilman Doran commented that the paint went a long way to improve the look of the pavilion. Councilman Bounds stated it looks beautiful and was well done. Ms. Iris Vacante, Historian and Cultural Director, asked there was consideration to naming the Town Park.  Mayor Pelloat responded that it will be named the Madisonville Park and Playground and that signs would be up in two weeks.

Permits Department – no report

Town Attorney – Mr. Bruce Danner reported that he worked on the Friends of the Cemetery bylaws, ordinances, creation of Cemetery Advisory Board, new Floodplain Administrator, lawsuit filed by Mr. Mahon, opioid lawsuit, public records requests, notice on upcoming St. Anselm Church meeting, workman’s compensation claim, property damage by contractor in Tchefuncte Estate, and meetings at least weekly with the Mayor. Councilman Doran commented that he had heard that a new Floodplain Administrator was being hired.  Mayor Pelloat stated yes; that he had interviewed and hired an new administrator and that he would be introduced next week.

·Comments by Council - Councilman Doran asked about Skooters erection of concrete pilings and chain being a Town liability and if we could send a letter. Mr. Danner stated it is private land and could only be addressed as a nuisance. Mayor Pelloat stated that we would approach the business owner and/or property owner and will look for the appropriate ordinance. Councilman Doran then requested a letter and robo-call be sent to Town residents about the upcoming St. Anselm Church meeting. He continued by saying Father Frank pledged to having a meeting with the Town residents who live around the Church. After discussion it was decided to send out a letter to the residents regarding the Thursday, April 26th public meeting. Councilman Doran asked the record to reflect that he requested both Councilman Bounds and Mayor Pelloat to recuse themselves from the Church plan. Both Mayor Pelloat and Councilman Bounds declined.

·Mayors’ report to Council – None


Councilman Bounds made a motion to adjourn, Councilman Hitzman seconded, motion passed with all in favor.


Wayne C. Morlier, Town Clerk