Posted: August 29, 2017

Minutes for August 23, 2017 Public Committee Counciil Meeting

Town of Madisonville

403 St. Francis St.

Public Committee Meeting

August 23, 2017

7:00 p.m.


Mayor Pelloat called the public committee meeting to order.


On roll call, the following were present:  Mayor Pelloat, Councilmen Hitzman, Haddox, and Doran.  Absent Councilmen Bounds and Bouey.


Councilman Doran led the pledge.

·St. Anselm Parish Building Committee – Michael Holly, Holly & Smith Architect – presented a proposed expansion/addition on the property currently housing a parking lot, sanctuary, old sanctuary building and administrative office building.  The new project would allow the current parking lot to be expanded across the property to St. Tammany St. and the remaining property will be used for an elevated building to house a multi-purpose room with attached commercial kitchen, parish offices, several meeting rooms and a plaza and chapel would separate the buildings.  The proposal indicated an elimination of traffic building during drop off and pick-up for classes on Monday and Tuesday by allowing a double line of vehicles to utilize the parking lot and the ingress/egress under the elevated building to eliminate congestion on the streets.  It was also reported the height of the building would not exceed ordinance requirements.


At this time, Councilman Bouey arrived.



Committee Members:  Councilman Tim Bounds

                                         Councilman Chris Hitzman

No business.



Committee Members:  Councilman Chris Hitzman

                                         Mayor Pro Tem Brad Haddox

1. Utility Rate Review – Gas, Water, Sewer, and Garbage/Trash – after discussion a recommendation will be put together and presented at the next committee meeting.

2.Cell Tower – a telephone call will be made by the interested party in order to present his proposal.



Committee Members:  Mayor Pro Tem Brad Haddox

                                          Councilman Jim Bouey

                1, Review ordinance pertaining to height regulations – the amendment presented was the incorrect one.



Committee Members:  Councilman Kevin Doran

                                          Councilman Tim Bounds

Mayor Pelloat polled the Councilmen present and all agreed to remove the political signs that do not meet requirements.


Councilman Doran asked if there is an update on Friend’s.  Mayor Pelloat reported that two interested parties backed out due to the parking issues.


Public Comment Period:  members of the audience will have three (3) minutes to make a statement or express a concern.  (Anyone having or expressing a concern tonight may or may not get an answer due to the fact that the council is hearing the concern for the first time.  All statements will be considered and everyone will receive an answer in the near future).

Mr. Gordon Melloncamp recommended the Town monitor fill dirt at property sites.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned motion of Councilman Haddox and seconded by Councilman Hitzman, all were in favor.





Joyce Core, Clerk