Posted: August 4, 2017

First Year Accomplishments

during the
1 st year in Office
1. Welcome to Madisonville Sign restoration
2. Privacy screen at water and sewer plants
3. Lake Rd. Cameras
4. Re-surfacing Mabel Dr., 5th St., 6th St., St. Paul, Cedar and Jahncke
5. Widened Cedar St.
6. Striped Cedar St., St Tammany, Pine St. Stop signs, and St. Mary No Parking
7. Closed off Rampart St.
8. Generator at Pine St. Well
9. Raised fuel tanks above BFE
10. 600' of Subsurface drainage
11. Continuing installation of concrete levee on Lake Rd.
12. River front bumper boards
13. Applied for CWEF, LGAP, Recreation Trails and Capital Outlay grants
14. 215 new gas installations
15. Signed 5 new developments for Gas (Silver Hill, Deer Crossing, Southern Oaks, Wingfield and Magnolia Mounds)
16. Uniformed all Signs in town
17. Agreement with Hunt Telecommunications
18. Completed Silver Hill, Coquille, Joiner Rd. and Baham Rd. mains
19. Replaced 6 piling on Riverfront and piling caps
20. Installed bridge rail and Lake Rd Pavilions
21. Developed an Emergency Operations Plan for the Town of Madisonville
22. Completed the dedication of the property and easement for Madison Ridge Subdivision
23. Reviewed and improved on a number of ordinances in town
24. Moved council meeting into the main part of the building. Creating a council chambers
25. Installed a powered microphone and recording sound system in the council chambers and town hall.
26. Expropriation of the old cemetery on Main St.