Posted: May 15, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes

Town of Madisonville
403 St. Francis St.
Regular Town Council
May 10, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pelloat.

Roll call was as follows:  present:  Mayor Pelloat, Councilmen Bounds, Hitzman, Haddox, Doran and Bouey.

The pledge was led by Councilman Bounds.

The invocation was led by Councilman Hitzman.

1.  Approval of April 12, 2017 Regular Town Council Meeting minutes- the minutes were approved on motion of Councilman Bouey and seconded by Councilman Bounds, all were in favor.
2. Approval of the April 26, 2017 Public Committee Meeting minutes- the minutes were approved on motion of Councilman Haddox and seconded by Councilman Doran, all were in favor.
3. Approval of the March, 017 Financial Statements – the financial statements were accepted on motion of Councilman Haddox and seconded by Councilman Bouey, all were in favor.
4. Public Comment Period:  members of the audience will have three (3) minutes to make a statement or express a concern at the outset of the meeting.  (Anyone having or expressing a concern tonight may or may not get an answer due to the fact that the council is hearing the concern for the first time.  All statements will be considered and everyone will receive an answer in the near future).  – No comments.
5. Policies and Procedures for Parks and Playground Rental – Mayor Pelloat asked that this matter be put off until the Committee Meeting on May 24, 2017.

At this time Mayor Pelloat announced that Randy Hess as the newly appointed as the Fire Chief.

6. Introduce Proposed Budget FY 2017-2018 – Mayor Pelloat asked the Council to review and make notes to discuss at the committee meeting on May 24, 2017 and then the public hearing will be held at the June 14, 2017 council meeting.
7. Introduce Fire Prevention Ordinance No. 142 – the proposed ordinance to adopt the most current editions of the National Fire Protection Safety Code (NFPA 101) and the National Fire Protection Association Fire Code (NFPA 1), and to permit St. Tammany Parish Fire District No. 2 to adopt the most current editions of NFPA 101 and NFPA 1 was introduced on motion of Councilman Doran and seconded by Councilman Hitzman, all were in favor.
8. George A. Pennington-Request to open donut shop with drive thru at 309 Covington St. – approval was given, predicated on all requirements being met, on motion of Councilman Bouey and seconded by Councilman Doran.  The motion carried.
9. Cliff Anders-proposed micro-distillery- the following Councilmen: Bounds, Hitzman, Haddox, Doran and Bouey were in favor of the business as long as all requirements are met (i.e.-engineering, building codes, etc.).
10. Millage roll forward – Mayor Pelloat announced the millage will be rolled forward and a public hearing will be held June 14, 2017 and adoption will take place at the regular meeting after the public hearing.
11. Monthly Department reports:
Engineer – Mr. Harman reported the estimates for the parking project on Pine St. were more than expected and suggested the council look at them again and he will go over the details with Bia.  He announced they are following the actions of the Legislature watching the Capital Outlay grants that have been applied for.
Police Department – Chief Smith reported 3106 calls, 44 citations, 15 arrests and 9161 miles logged for the month.
Maintenance – Kyle reported 11 new customers, completing Joiner Rd. to Wingfield and Coquille main; reported he attended a preconstruction conference for gas service at the new roundabout at Hwy. 1077 & 1085; all three pavilion frames are up and electrical work has been done and work should be completed by the weekend; Kyle reported that Tangipahoa  Water has completed a flush of lines in the Villages at Bocage to get rid of the sediments in the water; the fire department has done a flow study on the fire hydrants and they are being painted accordingly.
Permits Department – working on old permits which are on schedule.
Attorney – Mr. Danner reported the cemetery ownership has not been confirmed by the court; he working with Iberia Bank on a line of credit; has worked on the agreement with Coquille and has worked on various ordinances.

 At this time the mayor asked the Council to approve him signing the agreement with Coquille once the details have been worked out.  Approval was given on motion of Councilman Haddox and seconded by Councilman Hitzman.  The motion carried with Councilman Bouey abstaining.

12. Comments by Council – no comments.
13. Mayor’s report to Council – Mayor Pelloat announced there will be three items on the public hearing agenda – budget, fire prevention ordinance and millage; five proposed ordinances on the committee meeting agenda and he asked that Jewell attend the meeting; he announced the shelters will be ready by the end of the week and would like to schedule an opening on a Friday that will be convenient for the Council; Committee Meeting is May 24, 2107 at 7:00pm; LMA Convention is July 26-30, 2017 in Shreveport; and he reminded the Council the Financial Disclosures are due by May 15, 2017 and asked that a copy be sent to the clerk.
14. Adjournment – there being no further business the meeting was adjourned on motion of Councilman Haddox and seconded by Councilman Bounds, all were in favor.


Joyce Core, Clerk