Posted: May 11, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Public Committee Meeting Minutes

~~Town of Madisonville
403 St. Francis St.
Public Committee Meeting
April 26, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pelloat.
On roll call the following were present:  Mayor Pelloat, Councilmen Bounds, Hitzman, Haddox, Doran and Bouey.
The pledge was led by Council Bounds.

1. Public Comment Period:  members of the audience will have three (3) minutes to make a statement or express a concern at the outset of the meeting.  (Anyone having or expressing concern tonight may or may not get an answer due to the fact that the council is hearing the concern for the first time.  All statements will be considered and everyone will receive an answer in the near future).  – no comments.
1. Joseph Furr Design Studio, LLC – Mr. Furr made a presentation of what his company has to offer in the way of designing a master plan and implementing the plan. He reported they provide site analysis and public meeting, developing the plan, assistance in acquiring funding, construction and maintenance.
2. Old Friends Restaurant – David Holloway reported that the buyer has asked that he not reveal any information at this time until details are worked out.  He reported the buyer is committed to the project and working with the Town.  Mr. Holloway will stay in contact with the Council to keep them aware of any progress.

At this time Chief Smith reported that the only ordinance that he has found refers to hooved animals.  He reported that is possible to piggyback on the disturbing the peace article.  He stated that another Article Section could be added to the current one.  Chief Smith was asked to write up something to be presented.
1. Policies and Procedures for the rental of the park and playground - Councilman Hitzman reported they have put together a packet that mirrors Coquille’s policies and procedures.  He reported they have added the word “may” in order to allow the Town to waive fees, etc. Councilman Hitzman reported they stuck with the same fees except for the fee for 4 hours and the all-day fee -  they were increased by fifty dollars each.  Councilman Doran asked who would police the “in district/out of district” and was told the Mayor would. Councilman Bounds stated they are still working through some things and asked everyone to take time to review the packet and email him or Councilman Hitzman with any questions, etc.
1. Budget – at this time Wayne Morlier went over a Combined Budget FY 2018 statement he presented to the members.  He reported it shows what is in process and the challenges.  See attached.
        ·   Rolling millage forward – Wayne reported that the increase will be from 8.21 mills to 8.55 mills
            and in order to get it back to the 8.55 mills it is necessary to roll it forward within three years

or it will remain at 8.21 mills. See attached report.
  ·   Increasing gas, sewage, water and garbage fees – the possibility of increasing the flat rates
for water, sewer, and gas by $2.00 (two dollars) each to help with the replacement of outdated
meters, etc.  It was reported the last time an increase was implemented for the gas rate was 2013, for the water rate was July 2010 and for the sewer rate was July 2010.  It was requested that rates from other municipalities be acquired in order to do a comparison.
1. Review list of ordinances previously discussed for change – Councilman Haddox presented the ordinances to be considered for change:  1.  Lot sizes – would be a minimum of width and length; 2. Town property –  it would be unlawful to use any property owned, leased or maintained by the Town of Madisonville for the purpose of commercial retail and/or to make a profit or gain from such use without prior approval of the governing body of the Town of Madisonville; 3. Fill ordinance Section 10.19 7(a)fill may be placed in compacted layers, extend a minimum of 2 feet beyond the building footprint then on  a slope to terminate no closer than 2 feet from the property line.  There shall be a maximum of 18 inches of fill above natural grade placed on lot. Section 10.19 7(b) fill may be placed compacted layers in addition to the maximum 18 inches allowed in section a) if it is contained within the footprint of the building foundation with a chain wall and/or drop brick ledge raised slab, but shall not exceed 3 feet above natural grade. 4. Building Permits Section 19 (f) to read:  permits for commercial new construction or substantial improvements will be granted only after the request has been approved by Planning & Zoning and the Town Council, after which application will be accepted when applicant has presented a completed permit application along with a check in the amount of $125.00 for a plan review, furnish (2) sets of plans, including foundation drawing, stamped by a registered professional architect/engineer and the Louisiana State Fire Marshal(along with review letter), a plot plan to scale showing the proposed as well as any existing structures and setback lines, the legal description of the property (Deed or Title), and a survey of the property indicating the designated flood zone.  The applicant will be furnish with a schedule of permit fees and a list of inspections which will be made during the construction period; 5.  A- Residence District permitted uses Section 10.10 A(3) to read – accessory buildings, including private garages.  Accessory building shall not be rented and/or used as a residence, and shall have all utilities connected to the primary residence.  It was asked that Jewell be at the next meeting for clarification on some of the changes.
1. Parking on Water St. – discussion was held on the possibility of changing the parking on Water St. to parallel parking rather than angle parking.  It was reported parallel parking would get cars out of the street, also the possibility of taking down two shelters on the riverfront to help create more parking.  Councilman Bounds suggested meeting with business owners to get their input/cooperation.
There being no further business, the Public Committee Meeting was adjourned on motion of Councilman Bounds and seconded by Councilman Haddox.  The motion carried.


Joyce Core, Clerk