Posted: January 23, 2017

January 11 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes

Town of Madisonville

Regular Town Council Meeting

January 11, 2017




The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pelloat.


On roll call the following were present:  Mayor Pelloat, Councilmen Bounds, Hitzman, Haddox and Bouey.  Absent:  Councilman Doran.


Approval of December 14, 2016 Regular Town Council Meeting minutes – the minutes were approved on motion of Councilman Haddox and seconded by Councilman Hitzman, all were in favor.


Approval of November 2016 Financial Statements – the November 2016 financial statements were accepted on motion of Councilman Hitzman and seconded by Councilman Haddox, all were in favor.


At this time Councilman Doran arrived.


Public Comment Period: members of the audience will have three (3) minutes to make a statement or express a concern at the outset of the meeting.  (Anyone having or expressing a concern tonight may or may not get as answer due to the fact that the council is hearing the concern for the first time.  All statements will be considered and everyone will receive an answer in the near future). – (1) Sharon Webb-103 6th St. – Ms. Webb asked the status on recycling in Madisonville.  Mayor Pelloat reported that contact was made with no return response.  (2)  Amy Aertker-Krewe of Tchefuncte – Ms. Aertker reported that some Mardi Gras websites have the date of the Krewe of Tchefuncte parade listed incorrectly.  It is schedule for February 18, 2017 at 1pm.  Also, the contact information is or (985)377-9497.  She reported the Mardi Gras Ball is February 11th at 8pm at the Covington Country Club.  (3)  Joey Mahone-201 Rampart St. – asked that the Council reconsider removing the trees. (4)  Collins Bigner-1001 Pine St. – reported that due to drainage issue by his house he would like to see them removed.  (5)  Terri Bermudez-502 Water St. – Ms. Bermudez asked that the matter be reconsidered and grandfather in what’s already here.  (6)  Robin Eckert-156 Riverlane – stated that the ordinance needs to be enforced 100% which would include trees, cars, etc.  She asked that the oak trees not be removed.  Mayor Pelloat replied that trees prior to the ordinance would not be removed.  (7)  Mel Lamp-1124 Main St. – suggested that the matter be discussed more and not selectively enforce the ordinance.  He asked for a copy of the list of names that the notifications were sent to.  Mayor Pelloat stated the list will be supplied.  (8)  Guy Hebert-1203 Main St. – Mr. Hebert asked that the matter be paused and be thought about and possibly get the garden club involved.  He stated it could be done without drastic action.  (9)  Beth Fisher-303 Pine – Ms. Fisher stated she has three trees – a 20’ magnolia and two crepe myrtles and that she agrees with Mr. Hebert’s statements.


LRWA proposed ordinance – it was explained that purpose of the ordinance is to protect the drinking water.  Mayor Pelloat asked the council to review the ordinance this month and make any corrections and it will be introduced next month.


John Ammerman – letter of credit for potential disasters – it was reported the document was reviewed by the attorney and recommendations were sent back to the bank. There has been no response as of yet.


Lacey Toledano-St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce – gave a rundown on what the Chamber does for businesses and the community.  She reported the Chamber had presented Madisonville with a $250 donation to help with the Christmas lighting.


Tom Aiklen-Lacombe Heritage Center-restore north shore - cypress tree planting project – Mike Cambre reported that five locations had been selected to adopt a spot to plant tree seedlings in public areas.  He reported the lighthouse area has been selected in Madisonville.  Mr. Cambre reported that over time they will plant 15,000 seedlings and are looking for sponsorship to purchase the trees.  Mr. Aiklen reported that five people from Louisiana were killed in 911 and there is a living memorial to be planted for each of those individuals.  A motion to accept the project was made by Councilman Doran and seconded by Councilman Bounds, all were in favor.


Brian K. Benson, M.D., Ph. D – Dr. Benson reported that he is looking to focus on the patient by spending more time with them.  He stated they will eventually be providing a personal trainer, a dietician and mental health.  Mayor Pelloat stated that Dr. Benson is looking for a location for his practice.


Request to re-subdivide property located at 305 Johnson St.  Petitioner:  Christopher Blanton – Jewell Chatellier reported that it was originally three lots on old survey.  He stated they want to keep the home and two lots (120x124) and one lot (120x124) which exceeds the minimum requirements.  He recommended the Council approve the request.  On motion of Councilman Bouey and seconded by Councilman Haddox the request was approved.  The motion carried.


Mandeville Rugby – this matter was tabled until after the Committee Meeting January 26, 2017 which will allow the committee to come back to the council with a recommendation.


Authorization for Mayor to apply for Recreational Trails grant – authorization for the mayor to apply for a recreational trails grant was given on motion of Councilman Bouey and seconded by Councilman Doran, all were in favor.


Monthly Department reports

Engineer – Joe Harman reported the request for funds through Capital Outlay for wastewater has been submitted.  He also reported the parking lot project with Coquille is moving forward.

Police Department – Chief Smith reported 81 citations were issued, 10 arrest made, 2082 calls and 8978 patrol miles logged.

Maintenance – Kyle reported 25 new customers, 4 main line projects (Firetower Rd. 343 lots), Guste Island (50 lots), Selona (2 lots) and Joiner-Wymer/Baham Rd.(Wingfield); bumper boards complete have ordered the caps; fire hydrant at Covington and Morgan St. sign and fire hydrant being replaced/repaired-cost will be sent to trucks insurance company; putting concrete on Lake Rd.; Joey Mahon donated aggregate for parking lot on Lake Rd.; getting bids on removal of pylon.

Permits Department – Jewell reported 3 new house permits; still working in elevations; 2 blighted properties being renovated; and working with the Parish and FEMA for better action on more elevations.

Town Attorney – Mr. Danner reported the Madison Ridge dedication/donation and the Hunt Telecommunications Agreement have been completed; he reported the law suit for expropriation of the cemetery had been filed, but there was an issue with the boundary lines that entails amending he suit.  Mr. Danner also reported discussions were held with Budweiser about contracts to shoot a commercial.


Comments by Council – no comments were made.

Mayor’s report to Council - At this time Mayor Pelloat announced that the commercial was being shot today and will be shown during the Super Bowl.  He also announced that Parish President Pat Brister will be holding a coffee at Abita Roasting on January 27, 2017 from 8am-9am.  Mayor Pelloat announced that a Public Committee Meeting will be held January 26, 2017 at 7pm and it will be publicized.


At this time Guy Hebert asked if the council is going to reconsider action on the trees; Adam Bermudez asked that citizens be given time to catch up and look at the web site in order to keep up with what’s going on and to please reconsider and allow more public comment.  Mayor Pelloat stated the information was on the web site for over two months and there was never any intent to do it behind closed doors or be aggressive.  He stated it came as a recommendation from the maintenance supervisor.  At this time Danny Lavigne explained the issue with tree roots getting into sewer lines and plantings covering meter boxes.

At this time Councilman Doran made a motion to reconsider removal of trees on town property, Councilman Bounds seconded the motion, all were in favor.


Adjournment – there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned on motion of Councilman Hitzman and seconded by Councilman Haddox.  The motion carried.





Joyce Core, Clerk