Posted: October 18, 2016

Minutes October 12 2016 Regular Town Council Meeting

Town of Madisonville

Regular Town Council Meeting

October 12, 2016


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pelloat.

Roll call was as follows:  present – Mayor Pelloat, Councilmen Bounds, Hitzman, Haddox, Doran and Bouey.

The pledge was led by Councilman Kevin Doran.

The invocation was led by Councilman Haddox.

Approval of September 14, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes – the minutes were accepted on motion of Councilman Haddox and seconded by Councilman Bouey, all were in favor.

September 28, 2016 Special Meeting Minutes – the minutes were accepted on motion of Councilman Hitzman and seconded by Councilman Doran.  The motion carried.

Approval of August 2016 Financial Statements – the financial statements were accepted on motion of Councilman Bouey and seconded by Councilman Haddox, all were in favor.

Comments:  members of the audience will have three (3) minutes to make a statement or express a concern at the outset of the meeting – 1. Sharon Webb 103 6th St. – asked if anything has been done to address the recycling issue she inquired about last month.  Mayor Pelloat stated it had not been addressed but will have something for next month.  2. Ryan Richard 607 Main re: 407 St. Tammany at Friend’s.  Mr. Richard spoke about an issue he had with the trash, port a potties and an ugly fence associated with the Wooden Boat Festival having a negative impact.  He stated that it has become more of a carnival rather than the boats, arts and crafts.  He suggested moving the food booths to the area where the rides are located.  After more discussion Mayor Pelloat said he would ask for permission to have a town representative, Chris Hitzman, attend the museum meetings.  3.  Guy Lalanne 705 Main – reported an issue, during the boat festival, of vehicle not using traffic lanes properly when shuttling passengers.

Adoption of Emergency Operations Plan – the Emergency Operation Plan was adopted on motion of Councilman Bouey and seconded by Councilman Bounds, all were in favor.

Noise ordinance/band permits – after discussion of times and fees, inside/outside, permits versus ordinance Mayor Pelloat stated that something needs to be presented at the November meeting to be adopted at the December meeting.

Cones/plantings on town property – after discussion Mayor Pelloat stated that some proposals will be presented tonight that can affect the plantings/cones on St. Francis St. and St. Joseph St.  Councilman Hitzman recommended tabling the matter and Councilman Bounds was in agreement.

Golf carts on municipal streets –  Mayor Pelloat reported that contact with the insurance carrier has been made and are waiting for a reply.  Mr. Danner recommended not passing an ordinance.   Councilman Bounds commented that doing nothing would require people to continue following guidelines set by the State.

Monthly Department reports – Engineer -   Joe Harman reported they had looked at the at the three pumping stations and will be submitting an application for a Capital Outlay grant which is due by November.  He also reported the Mable Drive project is complete and the contractor is working on the punch list.  Mr. Harman reported that the Town has been reimbursed liquidated damages from the bulkhead project in the amount of $67,740. Police Department -  Chief Smith reported seventy tickets had been issued, 2017 calls answered, and 6 arrests made.  He reported there were only minor incidents during the boat festival.  Maintenance -  Kyle reported that the town has gotten 17 new customers, the department has been preparing for the boat festival, made sidewalk repairs at St. John and Main and have done some sub-surface drain work, have applied for grants to replace fire hydrants, purchase a police car and to rehabilitate the sewerage pumping stations.  He reported they are working on stands

to lift the fuel tanks, checking Christmas lights to see how many are needed to light the trees on the riverfront, they are looking into shade shelters for the piers at the boat launch.  He reported they are working to replace culverts at the ballpark and moving the concrete piles at the boat launch.  He reported that the City of Covington will be holding an ethics training class on November 9th.   Permits Department -  Jewell reported two houses have been approved for elevation (202 St. Ann St. and 1102 Pine St.).  He reported that he has been getting legal descriptions of town owned property and looking at other areas.    Town Attorney – Mr. Danner reported he is working with Hunt Telecommunication’s attorney on a franchise agreement for the cable they have laid to the library; he reported he has researched with the State Cemetery Board the ownership of the cemetery and learned that the Town can petition for expropriation to make it a public cemetery and then the town can take control and maintain it.  Mr. Danner reported he is working on a draft of rededication/donation of certain portions of Madison Ridge subdivision; he reported he is waiting to be contacted by the attorney regarding the Baham suit; he reported the grant forms for the lighthouse project may not be the proper forms and they were given back to the museum and is waiting for the proper forms; he reported that he has reviewed Jewell’s draft of the noise ordinance.

At this time Iris Vacante spoke and gave a brief history of the cemetery and offered to work with Mr. Danner on this issue. 

A motion to give Mr. Danner permission to move forward with the cemetery petition was made by Councilman Bounds and seconded by Councilman Doran, all were in favor.


Bid Opening – the bids were opened by town attorney, Bruce Danner, and were as follows:  Crystal Durham d/b/a Watkins Auto 2006 F-150 $377, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria $177, 2006 Camper $777; Justin Walker – F-150 $301; Peter Lalonde – Camper $49, F-150 $351; Hat Creek, LLC-Vince Kinney – F-150 $725.  A motion to accept the highest bids was made on motion of Councilman Haddox and seconded by Councilman Bounds.  The motion carried.

Comments by Council – no comments.

Mayor’s report to Council –  Mayor Pelloat reported they are looking into some capital improvements which will turn two streets St. Francis and St. Joseph into one-way from Main St. to Water St. by doing this it will create more and better parking with angle parking on the north side of the streets and parallel parking on the south side of the streets and it would still be two-way travel on Water St.  Drawings were provided for review.

Adjournment – there being no further business the meeting was adjourn on motion of Councilman Doran and seconded by Councilman Haddox.  The motion carried.




Joyce Core, Clerk