Posted: October 10, 2016

Public Committee Meeting Minutes September 28 2016

Public Committee Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2016


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pelloat.

Roll call was as follows:  Present:  Mayor Pelloat, Councilmen Bounds, Hitzman, Haddox, Doran and Bouey.

The pledge was led by Councilman Chris Hitzman.



Committee Members:  Councilman Tim Bounds

                                             Councilman Chris Hitzman

1. Pine Street Park – Councilman Hitzman asked if anything back from PEC?  Mayor presented a drawing prepared by PEC which was revised with the main entrance on the Pine St. park side.  He reported the revision includes playground equipment, splash pad, covered area for viewing tennis, another building, a quarter mile walking path and additional landscaping.  It is an estimated cost of $170,000 that some work can be done by the town maintenance crew.  He also reported that grants can be applied for in order to help fund the equipment and amphitheater.  Chris Hitzman commented that the scale seems to be off on the drawing because the positioning of the play area and the splash pad.  He suggested considering the splash pad be moved.  He reported the retail cost of the equipment is $275,000 and a hard cost of $100,000 to install.

2.Lighting of the oaks – Mayor Pelloat reported he had spoken to the Garden Club asking for their assistance in getting a cost for lighting the trees.  Councilman Doran agreed that it is a great idea and he knows of some commercial vendors for the lights.  Councilman Haddox reported that in the past is cost less than $2000 to light the trunks and some limbs on the trees.  He reported that approximately three strands of lights were used per tree.  All were in agreement to pursue this.


Committee Members:  Mayor Pro Tem Brad Haddox

                                          Councilman Jim Bouey

1.Grants (LGAP, CWEF, and Capital Outlay, etc.) – Mayor Pelloat reported grants are being applied for and he has met with the engineers about a grant to improve and upgrade three lift stations to the level of four others in town.  The grant being applied for is a $450,000 Capital Outlay grant and if it is not received the cost of one lift station at a time will be included in the budget.

2.Sale of cell tower – It was reported the Town has been offered a sum of $535,000 to buy out the remaining twelve years left in the cell tower contract.  The $535,000 is equivalent to approximately 14.9 years which is more than the average collections over the remaining twelve years.  It was reported that if it is an option, these funds could be used in conjunction with grant monies to accomplish a lot in town.


Committee Members:  Mayor Pro Tem Brad Haddox

                                          Councilman Jim Bouey

1. Noise ordinance/band permits –  discussion of those in attendance included regulating the band permit in order to have control over the noise, also consider an indoor/outdoor permit, time limits and address holidays.

2.Orange cones, planting on town property – Mayor Pelloat presented drawings that show possible parking and traffic flow for St. Francis St. and St. Joseph St. they show angle parking on the north side of the street with parallel parking on the south side and the streets would be one-way from Main St. to Water St.  After general discussion Mayor Pelloat stated he would get back with the engineer and have the issue placed on the Agenda.

3.Emergency Operations Plan – after discussion Mayor Pelloat suggested that anyone who has changes to the Plan should get with Jewell.  He reported the Plan will be on the Agenda next month.

4.Main St. Cemetery (old cemetery) – Mr. Danner, Town Attorney, reported he has been in touch with the State Cemetery Board and has learned that no one knows who owns it.  He reported that according to LA Revised Statute 8:112 that whenever the governing authority of any municipal corporation or parish determines that a private cemetery within its jurisdiction is not being used or maintained and is in fact abandoned or that there is no longer inexistence any person or legal entity with the legal authority to operate, control, or manage an existing cemetery, it may judicially expropriate the cemetery and thereafter operate and maintain the cemetery as a public cemetery and make expenditures necessary for the acquisition, operation, and maintenance thereof.  Therefore, if the Town acquires the cemetery they would have to abide by the rules and regulations of the Cemetery Board and any monies received for the cemetery would be placed in a special cemetery account.  It was asked what the liability for the town would be?  It was agreed to move forward with the petition.

Public Safety:

Committee Members:  Councilman Kevin Doran

                                          Councilman Tim Bounds

1. Golf carts on municipal streets – Mr. Danner reported he had read the ordinance presented from another entity and considering the liability involved recommended the town not adopt any ordinance for the operation of golf carts within the town limits. After discussion Mayor Pelloat stated we would look into the towns liability and decide how to deal with it.

2.Emergency Operations and Response – Mayor Pelloat stated this matter was discussed previously.

Adjournment – there being no further business the meeting was adjourned on motion of Councilman Bouey and seconded by Councilman Doran.  The motion carried.




Joyce Core, Clerk