Posted: September 9, 2016

August 31 2016 Special Meeting Minutes

Town of Madisonville

Special Town Council Meeting

August 31, 2016

7:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pelloat.

On roll call the following were present:  Mayor Pelloat, Councilmen Hitzman, Haddox, Doran and Bouey.  Councilman Bounds was absent.

The pledge was led by Councilman Doran.

The invocation was led by Councilman Haddox.

Noise Ordinance – the following residents made known their complaints and ideas regarding the implementation of a Noise Ordinance :  representative of Kahn, Swick & Foti, Attorneys at Law - Covington St., Tony – Morgan St., Al Barber – 412 Bordeaux Ct., Rita Bridges – 110 Cedar St., Joey Mahon – 201 Rampart St., Don Owen – 125 Mabel Drive, Rebecca – Water St., Dick Huttleston – 605 Pine St., Scott Shoemaker, Buddy Pennington – 309 Mulberry St., Kim Thigpen – 827 Old Ponchatoula Hwy., Ruffin Duet – 501 & 503 Main St., Lex Cairns – 600 Main St., Mike Benjamin – 1999 Main St., - the preceding list of  residents voiced their concern regarding animals (i.e.-chickens/roosters, dogs, etc.) and the affects that a noise ordinance would have on all those who have animals not being a nuisance; music noise from the establishments in town and across the river – it was suggested that the Town enforce the Parish ordinance rather than enacting another ordinance and/or to regulate bands through the permitting process.

Orange cones, bushes or trees on town property – the following residents made known complaints and ideas regarding the orange cones:  Mark Fischer 701 Main St., Lex Cairns – 600 Main St., Sandra Mendow – 425 Hwy. 22 W., Joey Mahon – 201 Rampart St., Tom Biernatki – 204 Rampart St., Rebecca – Water St., Bob Salibene – 303 St. Mary St., Beth Keith – 1011 Pine St., Mary Lange – 405 Pine St., Steve Benton – 901 Pine St., Jane Dusson – 500 & 502 Water Street, Stacey Domingue – 103 Rene’ St. and Ruffin Duet – the preceding listed residents voiced their concerns and idea regarding the placement of orange cones and parking issues.  They had complaints that there are no parking places for visitors unless cones are put out to block off space for when they arrive, access to driveways are blocked off unless marked with cones, cones are put out to provide parking for some who have no driveway, double parking in some areas, parking in front of mailboxes and mail not being delivered, cannot walk on sidewalks due to vehicles being parked to keep from being in the street, mailboxes having to be replaced due to parking issues, and placement of flower beds around mailbox to keep it from being blocked.  Mr. Duet suggest that parking permits be issued to residents.

At this time Mayor Pelloat thanked everyone for attending and for their input which will be taken in to consideration when a decision is made.

Adjournment – the meeting was adjourned on motion of Councilman Hitzman and seconded by Councilman Haddox.  The motion carried.




Joyce Core, Clerk